redefining self (part 3)

If you’ve been following this blog, thank you! This has been a difficult assignment put before by WordPress but, I had to give you a little bit of background information.  It has run the gamut of thoughts, feelings and emotions in remembering that one moment in time that totally changed my life forever.  I will admit writing this piece has been painful, as I wanted to push it away, and not finish the task that was put before me but, also remembering the fun and joy of living my life with all the “good times” are worth sharing this intimate part of myself with you, my reader.  At the end of this, my hope is that it helped another human being in some way, shape or form . . . so I continue this journey.

It’s 1987, I am remarried after 7 years and working as an Instructor for the Ohio State School of Cosmetology. [this is a bit difficult as I struggle with the events that occur, so bear with me].

One day while I was working with 65 of our students on clinic floor mind you, not all at the same time! I would be called upon to check an individual’s haircut or chemical service, etc . . . when all of a sudden I turned to help another student and somehow injured my leg to the point, of bearly being able to walk but, I finished out the day. When I got home I was in excuriating pain, and rested on the couch until bedtime. I made it up the stairs, one step at a time got into my jammies, and soon fell fast asleep, as I had to get up the next morning, and open the school for that day. At 4:00 am I was awakened with unbearable pain in my right leg so, I slid myself sideways and sat up on the edge of the bed, with both feet on the floor. When I arose up out of the bed, I fell straight down and hit both knees upon the floor, letting out a scream that woke my husband at the time, up! Soon afer I was able to call my senior instructor, and let her know that I would not be able to open the school at 7:30 am. My husband helped me get into our vehicle as he then drove me to the nearest emergency room. I told the examining doctor that I thought my leg was broke, he felt it and then ordered x-rays be taken but, upon reading the films of my leg, it appeared to not have been the case. Instead the doctor said to me, “You did a pretty good job of pulling every ligament, and tedon out in your leg!” Well, I thought to myself, at least it wasn’t broken. So, they wrapped my leg with what seemed to be miles of ace bandages, handed me a pair of crutches, and sent me home. The instructions from the attending doctors were to use the crutches for 5 days in order to let that leg heal itself, and get plenty of bed rest.