redefining self (Part 2) continued

After graduation, I landed my first position as a full-fledged hair designer at Christine’s in German Village which was, as I am not sure if it is still there, in Columbus, Ohio.  That was the best job I ever had in my life!  The energy among myself and the other designs, and myself working in the salon was ethereal.  One could feel the highly charged positive energy floating around, back and forth between us as we worked as a team, not as per se’ individuals.  I have never had another job where I experienced that kind of . . . . comradery!   Don’t get me wrong, as I have had truly awesome conversations with individuals that were just as high-energy as that but, those moments are random, in my humble opinion whereas, my salon experience was everyday I went into work.  Ah, those were the 80’s!  In the later part of that decade, as I will run through this quickly, I was quite the “mover and shaker!”

me1987 Buzz words:  Norma Kamali, asymmetrical hairstyle, grand entrances into frequented dance clubs, big hair, punk rock, Prince before he was formerly known, ah those were the days!  I wore out my “cassette” tape of Erasure, “Chains of Love” sums up what living through the 1980’s was all about. [The picture  above is of myself that was taken in 1987]  I must say, and I not bragging or boosting about myself it was just the way my life was between 1982 -1987 that I had accomplished so many things associated with being a professional hair designer.

Educating oneself whether it be within the work experience or just an interest in something one has is my motto, kinda’ like being the very best that you can be, and that is what I did.  I took classes from Jingles of London & NY in advanced haircutting techniques, to braiding with a team from Paul Mitchell and everything in between.  I will admit that I was a renegade in the industry, having worked in numerous salons in Columbus, OH but, I just wouldn’t take some of the unprofessionalism of individuals that were over me . . . so I’d packed up my scissors, blow-dryer, combs and jerk my license off the wall, whilst I walked towards the door, never looking back.

During that time period, I also had created my own business.  I worked with a local photographer, Mac Worthington as a hair and makeup artist for his modeling clients.  Judged modeling contests in which the contestants would win a photo shoot, and received credits in Columbus Monthly Magazine – “hair done by . . . . ”  I was being called so much for outside work that I invited my very best friend, and former colleague to join me.  He enthusiastically excepted.  Thus was born the name, Marilyn and Munrowe.  Which actually was his last name.

Whew!  I just flew through the 80’s but, there’s more  . . . .